Okay, so I asked my PPB pal Tom Paulsen to come over to talk about maybe featuring him as the next "Elder" in our Wisdom series. PPB and me have been stunned at the response to that offering; in fact within 90 minutes, for both of the first two events, we have sold out. I confess that my own mother, who apparently is in no hurry to read my emails or gather and organize her friends - has weaseled her way in after we closed them. I mean, really.

So I want to continue the Elder Wisdom series for sure and I called Tom. Really he's too young but he's such a fascinating person and great listener that he came to mind. He came over and we ended up sharing so many stories we never really got around to that Elder business. In fact, Tom and I barely met because fun PPB friends (Mary! Carol!) came in and after I introduced everyone we got to telling tale after tale. One great tangent we traveled was our group recall of "Storms We Have Known." It was so dang fun.

Our first topic is: When I Was A Kid. Tom, Mary, Carol and I really got going on that one and we were laughing and relating for about an hour! I shared that once of my clearest memories is my brother saying "that didn't hurt!" to me. See we had a neighborhood gang and some were 8 or so years older than me. I really wanted to keep up because of the fun and even thrilling adventures made possible because my mom was—WHERE? Where were our parents? Anyway, it made for some interesting outings—I bet you can relate. So this one time, Don down the street, who was way older than me—had a rusty old trampoline AND a pool and the gang tried to double-bounce me from the tramp INTO the pool because I was littlest. Mom? Mom?? Anyway, I remember the kids being disappointed I wasn't "staying in a ball!" so I tried real hard lock my arms around my knees - I remember it like yesterday. Anyway, I remember adrenaline and terror, but I can't remember if I ever made the big splash. Some of we four had more serious things to share, so at this event we will follow the live, organic energy of the group.

Call the store to sign up, (630) 765-7455, it will be so fun!

Free event