We sure appreciate you and now is an especially terrific time to lend your support, because as many of you know we will open an “Annex” on Hale Street in Wheaton later in the summer. 

With all of that in mind, when we considered how best to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day 2018, we thought it’s time to put together a tops PPB membership offering. We wanted you to get the best value on all our gatherings and great reads, so we asked many of you what you’d like in a membership and we came up with the following: 

For $25 annually, our PPB members will enjoy:

  • 10% off all books and merchandise everyday
  • 20% your entire purchase in honor of your Joining Day* 
  • 20% off "Indie Next" monthly titles during that month, 
  • One Free Event + One Guest Pass for a non-member, 
  • Free Coffee every day at our Annex, opening September 4th (provided by I Have A Bean)
  • and Members Only benefits + special sales several times/year** 

*Joining online? Use your 20% off Joining Day benefit next time you're in (we’ll make a note of it) 

**and you know we will over-deliver here because we can't help ourselves, including a private grand-opening at our Annex...


We sure hope whether you’re near or far you’ll want to take part in this … "membership”. 

Wait, that word doesn’t quite get at the heart of it. 

Somehow the “Member” word doesn't seem like the right PPB-kinda term for what you all mean to us. 

When you come in to visit, we know you and we show it: we welcome you by name and with a smile + home-baked cookies and coffee, like any friend would. And of course we ask after the last book you bought or the wedding you got a greeting card for, and invite you to the next PPB event that seems right up your alley. If we don't know you yet, just give us a minute and we will make you feel like KIN.  That’s it!! My grandparents MacGregor called “Kinfolk” the friends so close and important to them that they were like family. That's how we feel about you, so we will call the program Kinfolk (even though I bet everyone will say "I'd like to become a member" when they are standing at our register). It’s homier, more sincere and, well — accurate. 

So click on the link and join right now, or next time you’re in, and call the store if you can come to our party on Saturday, April 28th — we’d sure like to welcome you like the family that you are.