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There's something about summer and paperbacks:  rolling back the cover so that the book nestles nicely in one hand, settling into your lawn chair, and listening to the breeze and the birds while you read. ( I was going to say settling into your hammock, but I've always found it a bit unsettling to get in and out of a hammock).  Whether your family wants something nice and thick and challenging, or a few delightful warm-weather reads, take advantage of our 20% off Parade of Paperbacks sale this Friday and Saturday and stock up on a stack of paperbacks.


Emma's Kids:  Unique Summer Programs for 5 - 11 year olds

French Fridays, Science Saturdays, Wonder Camps and Emma Reads Aloud


Parents and Grands - Prairie Path Books is pleased to present a ...


2015 Summer-Full 

of original programming for children 5-11. We call it Emma's Kids because PPB's own 17-year old soon-to-be high school senior Emma designed 24 events packed with hands-on fun. Each emphasizes the wonders of science and math (Emma's favorites), plus reading, art and nature. All this begins June 15. 


Visit our Children's Events page for more information.

Emma Leading a Science Program Earlier this Spring:  It Was a BLAST!

A Special Announcement From Prairie Path Books:


Tickets for all of our events can be purchased in our store or by calling Prairie Path Books at (630) 765-7455. Purchasing tickets through our store ensures that you only pay the price of the ticket with no additional fee.


Beginning on 5/15, Brown Paper Tickets will add an additional service/handling fee to ticket purchases made through our online ticket links.  We will continue to offer this service as a convenience to you; however, please be aware that an additional fee will be added to tickets purchased online.


If you wish to purchase tickets without an additional fee, we invite you to come in or call PPB to purchase your tickets.


As always, we thank you for being a valued PPB customer.

Container Gardening With Brenda Thomas, owner and designer of The Comforts of Home

Against All Grain with Chef Dr. Jamie Tripp

Celebrating National Independent Bookstore Day

Cooking with French Chef Jean True 

PPB's Reading Room: A Perfect Place to Gather



We invite you to drop by and check out our reading room. It is a lovely, comfortable spot to read by yourself or a place to catch up with a

friend. It's also available to reserve for a group event, free of charge.


Looking for a place for your next book club or Bible study?  It is available whenever the store is open.  Contact us in advance at read@prairiepathbooks.com to reserve your meeting. You are always welcome to bring in food and drinks.


Pictured here is PPB's Morning Edition Book Club.

PPB Entrance is Open 

PPB now has an entrance easily accessible to all at the NW corner of the building (corner of Scott and Wesley). To use this entrance park on either Scott or Wesley, please do not park in the parking lot by the loading dock.


With Jan Logan, author of "The Girl With a Cape"

"Milk and Cookies Storytime" Thursday and Saturday Mornings at 10:30 am

Book Clubs and Author Visits

Cooking Events

Music and Art Events



Prairie Path Books is tucked within Toms-Price Home Furnishings at 303 E. Front St. in downtown Wheaton. When you enter the front door just follow the signs to the back corner of Toms-Price where you will find our bookstore, comfortably furnished, with a friendly staff, and most importantly a hand picked selection of books (over 5000 titles).  You will see from our store logo that we are more than just a bookstore, we are Prairie Path Books, Gatherings & Great Reads. We love gatherings!  We host a variety of weekly events to inspire and enlighten, as well as book clubs and story times for kids.  And we are proud of our great selection of books!  If you are not sure what you are going to read next, come in and we will help you find the perfect read.

Hand-selected titles. Friendly gatherings. Inspiring gifts.


Prairie Path Books tucked within Toms-Price Home Furnishings, 

303 Front Street, Wheaton, IL 60187


Contact us 

(630) 765-7455




Hours are:

Monday: 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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Friday: 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Sunday: 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Toms-Price Home Furnishings is open a half-hour later than Prairie Path Books each day.

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