The cooking demos we offered featuring the delightful Alana Chernila’s Homemade Pantry and Homemade Kitchen were our most raved about - ever.  We think that’s because of the great food Alana helps us make, but also her delightful writing style and her homey, honest (hair-not-combed) photos of her food, friends and family.  She has been called “the truest and least judgmental friend a home cook could want,” and she is!  Listen to Alana, friends:  

“Homemade food is the opposite of perfection.  It holds the stamp of its maker.  This process of cooking at home is my window into what I want to create in life as a whole.  I want to make it better, unique, delicious, stamped with my own love and work.  It’s going to be imperfect, and I’m good with that.  I have a friend whose mother slips a lemon seed or two into everything she makes, ‘so they know it’s homemade.’  You can create the life you want out of all of the small, ordinary moments of every day.”    

Tucker and I will dig deeper into Alana’s books because truly, we want to show you the perfect luscious and joy from every single page! — Sandy


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