We have a true passion for books.


Jenny Riddle  I'm a fan of biography because I'm always amazed at the universality of the human experience.  In fiction, well-written novels that explore relationships and personal growth are my favs.  With all books, I love the surprise of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Lisa Siemer  Non-fictionand historical fiction books have become my favorites in recent years. I gravitate towards more serious stories (my fellow book group members might accuse me of being drawn to"tragic" stories), and I also love to pick up a classic novel a few times a year.

Wendy Durkin  My reading taste is an eclectic mix: I love historical fiction and what I call "narrative nonfiction" (nonfiction that narrates historical events in a story-like fashion). I am also an avid reader of contemporary fiction, all sorts, and am starting to re-engage in my past fascination for good mystery writing.  I lean toward books that favor character development over action.  

Sandy Koropp  Sandy's tastes are all over the place:  new fiction mostly, but also young adult, American history, every kind of cookbook, and an occasional thriller.  She often follows a great "big" read with something quick and cozy; she calls them her "Happies."

Emma Koropp  Buyer for Children and Young Adults   Like my mom, I’m a bit all over the place. I love biographies, short stories, coming-of-age and graphic novels, but the one thing that ties my faves together is quirkiness. I love me a character with quirk.

Betsy Westhoff  I love to read fiction that transports me to another place or perspective.  But I also love to read fiction where I find a character simpatico so myself- sometimes I am reminded about something I love or loathe in a beautiful passage.  As I age, I find I have less “tolerance” for mediocre writing—and much much appreciation for beautiful, heart rending passages.  It’s funny that two of my favorite books of the past few years were non fiction—but still ones that made me laugh, cry and took me out of my comfort zone—and then right back into it:  Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.

Cathy Higley  My taste in books tends to run the gamut. I enjoy historical fiction and fiction. If I find an author I like, I will read many of their books. Fiction from older novelists as well as the new up and coming are a delight to me. Occasionally I will delve into non fiction, but it should be historical in nature.