We have over 6,000 square feet for your next event!
Email us if you have a gathering you’d like us to host in our next door space.

Looking for an event that PPB hosts?

The following community groups will be hosting gatherings @ PPB 261, contact the organization directly if you'd like to attend.

We are interested in hosting gatherings that are:

Mindful of the Planet**

So take a look at PPB 261.  It’s open whenever we are for you to wander in and gather.  We are way proud of it. Let's build a thriving community gathering space for more face-to-face. You know? 

Contact us at read@prairiepathbooks.com with a description of your gathering idea. 

*no private parties, please
**if there is serve ware, PPB has plenty; i.e. re-usable preferred, no single- use plastics or styrofoam please