How PPB Came to Be


How PPB Came to Be


Owners Sandy Koropp and Jenny Riddle

Law school nearly killed Sandy’s love of reading.  Born chatting, she knows the party hasn’t started until someone asks, “Read any great books lately?” Jenny thrives on drama—namely her one-woman shows that bring books to life. When she's not center stage, she loves discussing books, usually with coffee (or wine) and lots of facial expressions and gestures. Reading books and talking about them makes us happy. 

One day, they decided to get serious about their book-love and settle down. So they decided to open a bookstore. It couldn’t be just any old bookstore. They weren’t interested in creating another building full of thousands of books with no room for people. Oh, no. They wanted shelves stocked with the best fiction they knew of, the histories and memoirs they adored, and the most charming and fabulous children's book section ever offered.  Sandy loves cook books most of all—they needed a giant section for those—and Jenny is keen on biographies so there must be a special place for those. Most of all, they wanted to connect readers, book groups and friends with books to love. 

And it couldn’t be just books – no, no – they wanted their store to feel like Jenny’s cozy kitchen when Sandy drops in for a chat and a chardonnay, and when Sandy comes over she definitely does not plop down, plug in headphones and peer at her phone. Gosh, no, can you imagine?  So for sure Jenny and Sandy wanted their bookstore to be full of old-fashioned interactions -- a happy, homey space that inspired unplugged guests to share mutual musings and curiosities every day, and at lots of fun events. 

Prairie Path Books (Gatherings and Great Reads) was the answer.

  • The most personal service from ONLY Jenny, Sandy and a staff that reads constantly, and the best hand-selected reads in a fabulous space you can cozy up and interact in.

  • Exclusive events featuring hand-selected books for sale, and performances, author signings and creative gatherings that will inspire and refresh. Join our special event email list.

  • A 6000SF gathering space right next door where we host well over 100 get-togethers a year.