There’s something within all of us, something that has the power to make us irresistible—our stories. In today's noisy and competitive world, storytelling is the best way to engage with others in a memorable and compelling way and to inspire people to act. It’s your secret advantage, the thing that will make you and your organization irresistible.

Join Jenny Riddle to find out why stories are so effective, what’s holding your stories back,
and how to find and tell your stories. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the science behind why people are attracted to and respond to stories

  • Understand how stories speak to us in ways that numbers, data, and powerpoint presentations cannot

  • Capitalize on the fact that stories are remembered far longer than facts

  • Leverage stories to provide context–a more relatable and life-like framework

  • Learn to pivot traditional marketing strategies with stories

  • Discover the 3-part formula for effective storytelling

  • Avoid these common storytelling mistakes

  • Recognize that everyone has stories to tell and how to mine your life for yours

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