Talking About Their Generation: Elder Wisdom, Inspiration and Humor

On September 19th, a roomfull of us were treated to the story of Robert Weisz' first 8 years - raised in Budapest by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, he was an eyewitness to the terrors of the Hungarian Revolution in October and November of 1956. At about 8:50 on the 19th we realized we'd barely begun to hear all we wanted about Robert. So, we asked him to come back and tell us Robert Part 2 - Coming to America.

Robert started 4th grade in a communist Hungarian classroom and in January 1957 was adjusting to school in New York. He spoke not a word of English and his parents felt about 25 years out of date compared with life in a repressed and colorless society. Come hear about his mid-century immigrant success story.

We hope you can enjoy this amazing opportunity with us.

Cost: $10 Seating is limited to 30

Call to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!

If you happen to know a fascinating elder that might want to talk to me in front of a small audience, please contact me. Series will resume in the Fall,