Visit Prairie Path Books on Independent Bookstore Day (Saturday, April 27) and join the nationwide celebration of bookstores (really owners who are crazy/happy in their work) that are keeping the ancient art of small book-business alive and thriving. 

A playful and fashionable slumber party takes an empowering turn in this gorgeous picture book, perfect for fans of Princesses Wear Pants and Rosie Revere, Engineer!

In these beautifully illustrated pages, a diverse cast of slumber party participants considers the most time-honored traditions for how to dress. If a lady should wear white in summertime, then how about donning a spacesuit? If team colors are apropos at sporting events, why not wear helmets and play ball?

Join us for this author event/book signing plus snacks and bevs. Free! Call today to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!

Girls w signs.png

Patty Toht is a local children’s author, poet, middle school library associate, reader, and traveler. She once owned a children’s bookstore before turning her love of children’s books into a love of writing. For most of her life she has lived in the Chicago area, but was lucky to live in England for four years.