Few home chefs have influenced me as Alana Chernila has, and she now has a THIRD book out! Yippee for me — and now, you. Not only are her books gorgeously crafted and photographed, her recipes are 100% reliable, easy and delicious plus she really has a fresh perspective on food.  By fresh I mean I’m-not-kidding new and inspiring. Get this:  she points out that not only is food made at home better for you, it tastes better and costs less, plus — and she makes this point so beautifully:

Food made at home will change the way you think about food.  You won’t have time to make all these recipes every week.  You might make pickles just once, and then decide that the experience is not for you.  But I promise you this -- after making YOUR pickles, you will think very differently about ALL pickles.  After submerging cucumbers in brine you have crafted, you will have closed the distance between yourself and the source of your food.  And the closing of this distance will impact your life in ways you’ll never predict.”

The first time I made her you-can’t-believe-how-easy-it-is homemade ricotta, I felt an ancient connection with those who for centuries had made their own easy cheese that today costs a zabillion dollars.  All you need is whole milk and lemons and 50 minutes of NOTHING to do but be there. It gives you time think about what matters if you ask me, and she does it with two young children! See - inspiring!


To celebrate Alana Chernila I am opening up my home (it has a full kitchen!!) for a series of three events, each one showcasing recipes from all three books.  I am seriously passionate about this home chef.  Sign up for one or all three.   See you soon! — Sandy!

Cost - $40 per event

Series Dates:  

September 27, 6:00 p.m.
November 29,  6:00 p.m.
January 24, 6:00 p.m.

Space very limited. Once you sign up, you’ll get directions to Sandy’s home!

Call today to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!