In honor of National Poetry Month

In our contemporary world, where ready made food calls from every corner, the act of cooking for ourselves has become a form of meditation and connection. So a book that brings together twenty five poems and three times as many recipes makes perfect sense. Preparing a meal and reading a poem are experiences that call for us to slow down and offer our attention.  

I can’t wait to cook for you and introduce this wonderful book that’s truly unlike any
I’ve found.

Gulotta, a devoted home-chef and poetry lover, brings together inspiring but accessible poems (by writers including Mary Oliver, Billy Collins and Jane Kenyon) and couples them with straight-forward analysis and recipes that key on fresh ingredients and simple preparations.  The layout of it goes:  a poem, a bit of analysis from Gulotta, and then recipes that go along with the poem. This is a book you’ll want to tuck in your tote while you head to the farmer’s market and pick out pears for Pear and Manchego Grilled Cheese, and then re-read “While Eating a Pear” by Billy Collins over a cup of market coffee while you toss around themes such as -  “Occasionally it is good for us to become small.”

Gulotta has created an endearing and useful work. This is a special little book.


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