Karen is my neighbor and our sons have been best buddies since diapers.  Good thing I’m a confident person, because if I wasn’t, my stay-at-home self-esteem would have been much dented for all the “Mrs. Nuttall is the best baker, she brought warm muffins to the bus stop!!”  It didn’t stop at muffins -- Karen can bake anything, and since both our sons are off to college soon (sob) we need new reasons to keep baking because even though the boys won’t fall on our pans of cookies, cakes, breads and pies as often anymore - we’ve discovered that if you really love something, you find a new reason to keep doing it.  So “Baking With Karen” is our latest Prairie Path Books cookbook demonstration offering ... and empty-nest therapy.  See you here!

“My mom and grandma served up some of the most delicious pies I’ve ever tasted.  As a newlywed, I asked my mom her secret and she said, ‘If you want to be a good pie maker, just make pies!’ I took her advice to heart and have been ever since. After a few tweaks and a tender-crust learning curve, homemade pies are now a sure-thing, go-to dessert for my family, and it will be for you and yours too. For this demonstration I’ll teach you all about mastering a flaky, homemade crust and how to make my family’s favorite pies, including some using all those luscious summer berries. Once you get the hang of it - there is no better dessert than classic American pie. I hope you will join us!” —Karen Nuttall


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