Gobsmacked. That’s what I felt when I first turned on Vivian Howard’s PBS cooking show/reality series, “A Chef’s Life.”  A chef by training, Howard is first and foremost a storyteller and her cookbook, “Deep Run Roots,” written during filming of her show, is really a memoir connected by 200 recipes.  See, she grew up in Deep Run, North Carolina but was tres eager to flee to boarding school and then New York, where she worked as a chef.  That ended up being tough going and she and her new husband were lured back to Eastern North Carolina when her parents offered to pay for the start-up of a restaurant - as long as it was near to Deep Run and her extended family.  Vivian’s honesty about her adventure is addictive, and her recipes are too; throughout the book she celebrates food native and nearby (tomatoes, sweet corn, ham, biscuits) and she has literally jump-started the region’s economy with her insistence on buying local.   Her writing here is a great example of her personal approach and just-plain delicious food.  

We are so jazzed about Vivian that we’ve decided to feature her book in three cooking demos - in Autumn, Winter and Spring.  Sign up for all three and get a discount on the book, or singly.  We can’t WAIT!

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