Do you like watching and talking about movies? Come to MovieClub and Meet Lee Shoquist. 

Lee is our MovieClub facilitator -- in this club we watch the movies on our own and then the extremely well-prepared and film critic-knowledgeable Lee Shoquist leads an in-depth discussion of the month’s movie.  

In April, Lee will discuss Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and the film’s themes -- including grief, regret and how people are mobilized to find their powerful selves.  Lee will also share his thoughts on the origins and influences of the film’s protagonist, a character that won an Oscar for Frances McDormand, and whether it is necessary to “like” a character (and if so, does this equal tacit approval of his or her actions? ). Lee will take a look back at Ms. McDormand’s career history and her legendary roles, but we will also examine the film as a document of contemporary life in small town America.  Including a discussion of what this film might say about where we are as a culture in today’s polarized climate. And finally, we will consider both the dramatic and comedic tones, and how they work in concert for a most original movie.  Don’t miss it!

$20/Snacks and Bevs provided

Call the store to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!

Movie won’t be shown @ PPB, please watch on your own.