We had such a great time at our MovieClub Premiere, we have selected more movies and can’t wait to share them!

Lee will be back with us to review the movie The Untouchables, screenplay by David Mamet, and Sandy will do a quick talk about David Mamet’s new novel “Chicago.”  We will look into Brian DePalma’s making of the film and Mamet’s screenplay for it, plus Chicago’s legacy of mobsters and a look at The Untouchables compared to other gangster movies such as Once Upon A Time in America, The Godfather and Good Fellas, and what makes a movie a “Chicago” movie (the geography of the city, its spirit, its history?) and finally lesser-known yet memorable films made in Chicago.

$20/Snacks and Bevs provided

Call the store to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!

Movie won’t be shown @ PPB, please watch on your own.