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Including background on African-American
Southern culinary history from
Potlikker Papers and The Cooking Gene

In celebration of Black History Month

In recipes and reminiscences equally delicious, Edna Lewis (1916-2006) celebrates the uniquely American country cooking she grew up with some fifty years ago in a small Virginia farming community,  settled by her grandfather and other freed slaves. Alice Waters and many others have reminded Americans that Ms. Lewis was one of the first to bring attention to the importance of cooking with farm-fresh food in home and restaurant kitchens. You will love learning about her amazing life, starting as a farm girl surrounded by gifted southern cooks and moving to the swirling mid-century world of New York restaurants -- humbly making haute her take on traditional Southern fare.  Divided into menus for the four seasons, Lewis’ cookbook shares the ways her family prepared and enjoyed food, savoring the delights of each special time of year.

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