My mom preserved strawberries in jars of jam, and maybe that was the flint for the flicker I have now in my heart for “homemade”.  I don’t have a garden, but when I see a sale of cucumbers or strawberries, or have any produce I need a solution for—other than “toss it”—I’ve always wished I knew how to can or preserve. 

Guess what - at last month’s cooking demonstration a wonderful woman named Justine made it clear she not only knows just about everything about cooking and ingredients - but she knows how to can and preserve also! Want to learn with me - or if you already know a bit, come and learn more? Come on over Friday the 29th at 1:00 p.m., for an introductory class taught by someone able to answer advanced questions you might have. We will demonstrate fall preserves and pickles, and other yummies too!

See you here!   — Sandy

$9/person, call the store to say you can come! (630) 765-7455.