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“I like that this book gets back to rather simple and old-fashioned basics, but with a more healthful and active modern approach. Elizabeth Bard is an American (Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese) who is raising a family in Paris and has learned to combine the way Americans and Parisians eat, live and entertain. She knows that Americans want Parisian-yummy meals in fifteen minutes, with one pot preferable.  Oh, and we want our entertaining to be stress-free.  I learned and laughed with Elizabeth Bard, an American parent - that loves food — who is living in Paris.”  —Sandy


With wit, sound advice, and easy-to-follow recipes, Elizbeth Bard lets her readers in on a range of delightful—and useful—French secrets to eating and living well, including hunger as the new foreplay, the top five essential French cooking tools and 15 minute meals popular throughout France, and the concept of benevolent dictatorship: why French kids eat veggies, and how to get yours to eat them, too. Whether you’re ready for a complete kitchen transformation or simply looking for dinner party inspiration, Dinner Chez Moi is a fun, practical, and charming how-to guide that will add a dash of joie de vivre to your kitchen—and your life!

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