This book is teeming with joy!

How can you not love Molly Yeh, pronounced “YAY”?  She was raised in Glenview, Illinois by Jewish/Chinese parents, and grew up eating Lunchables and Kraft mac and cheese and playing a lot of percussion.  So surprising, then that while she was studying music at Juilliard has fell in love with good food and started cooking and wrote a blog, and met a guy.  A guy from North Dakota who grew up on his family’s sugar beet and wheat farm (circa 1876) on the North Dakota-Minnesota border ....  You will love this Molly’s voice (her spunky essays precede each recipe), her food photography and illustrations, and most important - her recipes. She gives a modern and taste-full flare to traditional midwestern fare — come join us as we celebrate this wonderful cookbook!


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