“Putting bacon in Ziplocs in the freezer, and poaching eggs in advance and Tupperwaring them in the frig, so all I needed to do was make toast in the morning to have an egg sandwich?  Who thought of that?  Lucinda Scala Quinn.  When I bought her new cookbook Mad Hungry in 2009, it immediately made me think I too could feed my family really well, but in a realistic and do-able way.  And it’s true.  I can and you can and Lucinda shows us how.  Her writing has that get-real quality to it; I feel like she’s sitting right next to me when I read her books.”  — Sandy

Lucinda is the country’s foremost evangelist for family meals every day of the week. And she knows that the only way to make them a reality is by building a repertoire of dishes that are quick and easy to prepare, and guaranteed to please. In Mad Hungry Family, Scala Quinn has collected all the no-fuss, big-flavor recipes that send her family stampeding to the kitchen table—from flat roast chicken (a Koropp family staple and favorite - takes 45 minutes off regular chicken roast time) to second-day spaghetti pancakes.  Her lifetime of home-cooking and professional time as executive chef for Martha Stewart Living, makes her tips, tricks, and solutions true treasures.  Here are survival strategies for:

“There’s nothing-in-the-fridge!” crises•  Feeding unexpected guests•  Getting holiday dinners on the table before crankiness sets in•  and The ingredients and techniques you need, plus permission to ignore those you don’t. 

With soulful, satisfying recipes and real talk about what it takes to make family meals a reality, Mad Hungry Family is the “you-can-do-this” handbook every home cook needs.

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