You know by now that I believe in the power of food and kitchen goodness to communicate love and even - understanding.  Though it sometimes seems far away from Wheaton, we’ve all read about people acting out and against cultures different from their own.  I believe it’s best at times like these to bring cultural understanding even closer to our hearts, and what better way than learning about food and holidays to accomplish that!   

I fell in love with Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons immediately.   The cheery Rabbi is beloved by his congregation, and so they make him a very special holiday vest - fastened in front with four shiny silver buttons.  All year, for each Jewish holiday he visits his synagogue families and enjoys delicious homemade dishes such as fruit strudel and honey cakes, crispy potato latkes and matzoh-ball soup.   Darn, with each meal, his vest stretches a little until “0y-yoy-yoy” off pop his vest buttons one by one.  What now??  Join me and PPB friend Lena Benson who will cook us through a deeper understanding of Jewish traditions, using the delightful recipes included in this wonderful book, which includes a glossary for the main holidays and new words from the story!


Call the store to say you can come, space is limited (630) 765-7455!

A parent or guardian must stay during the event.