This book’s written to encourage folks who work in an office with a kitchen (at least a kettle, toaster and microwave) to make hasty-quick, yummy and healthier meals; however, it immediately spoke to me as something I would use in my home kitchen when I’m cooking for myself but way too lazy to turn on the oven. I also thought of my apartment-dwelling daughter who just doesn’t wanna “cook” but does not want to eat junk. Did you know you can make quinoa in a microwaveable bowl with a veggie stock bouillon cube? 

Six minutes, stir then two more - and use those six minutes to chop herbs, warm some green peas and beans in hot water from the kettle,sprinkle feta on top! Ya know? What about melting good chocolate in the microwave for 60 + 30 seconds (you pick the portion size…), sprinkle some orange zest on top, then piling berries, bananas and almonds on top? Dozens of inspiring food combos oh-so-easily tossed together, that can nudge us to nourishing meals. We will make many recipes from this little book that nudges us to nourishing, even when we don’t have an oven or a stove top or much time at all.


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