We at PPB want to celebrate book clubs*! 

One thing we know for sure is that you who regularly read/meet/talk books - count on your local, independent bookstore for the best discussion-worthy titles.  So, for this event my PPB readers will present not just favorite books, but their best conversation-inspiring book recommendations.  We can’t wait to share our thoughts with you -  plus each one of us will personally prepare questions for each book that we think your club will want to ruminate to make it a memorable gathering.  Because every book club talks about “that one meeting where everyone engaged and had opinions.”  Book club alchemy is hard to predict, but Prairie Path Books wants to bring those sorts of books to your club’s attention.  

Just for funzies, I have asked my readers to organize their recommendations of books for this event according to a theme:  Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.   Meaning, each of us will tell you about: 

Something OLD (a fave read we still think about);

Something NEW (a new release);

Something BORROWED (a book someone told us about/or we couldn’t wait to tell someone about”); and,

Something BLUE (an emotionally impactful book - or one with a blue cover!)

Snacks and beverages provided, a’course, plus a wee BINGO book genre game to see which clubs have read what ... and prizes to the winners!

Join us for this brand new offering intended to cherish the open dialogue, free thinking, and coming together that book clubs provide.

*PPB fans will recognize the “Champagne & ____” from our quarterly book recommendation parties, but this event is exclusive to those who gather regularly
to discuss the common content found in one book. 

Please call the store to RSVP (630-765-7455) with your book club name and contact information.