This is a chunky yet lovely treasure of a book—I mean it is REALLY well done. 


I love single-subject cookbooks especially on topics like appetizers because we know when we are making them we are entertaining or helping others entertain and that means we have stuff like cleaning the bathroom, getting a babysitter, and our outfits on our minds -- so it’s nice not to wade through a bunch of cookbooks when what we really need to do is pick a recipe and make a shopping list already.  You know?  And you guys, this one has photos of every single recipe - and I mean good ones.  Pictures that will inspire you + let you know for sure what your yummies will look like and help you envision how pretty a tray of several different recipes will look, all arranged on your table.  The 225 recipes cover everything from dips, spreads, and one-bite nibbles to heartier fare requiring a fork or a spoon as well as a section of little sweets perfect for an all-dessert soiree.  Cathy and I can’t wait to inspire you to host friends over the holidays, or to knock your hosts socks off when you are asked to bring a dish.  This book is a must-have, I must tell you.  —Sandy

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