It doesn’t get much better than Eric Carle + Christmas, and my kids LOVED Dream Snow, his dear story of a farmer who hopes for snow in time for the big day -- our rather Santa-resembling farmer even dreams of snow while dozing after a cozy cup of peppermint tea.  It must have been a snowy day when I and my three tots took on the task of recreating the cover, just for fun.  You may know that Eric Carle created papers and textures that he cut out for his beloved books’ illustrations.  So the three wee Koropps painted paper in the colors from the beautiful Dream Snow cover and then cut out the shapes and glued them on the pretty blue paper.  Actually, I sincerely doubt my Tom, the littlest one, did any cutting and
glueing, but it turned out really cute and I framed it and look forward to hanging it up every December.  It makes me so happy when I find it among my holiday boxes each year.  

So, Emma and I thought we’d recreate this fun Koropp afternoon with all of you.  Please call to sign up and reserve a spot.  We will read the book and paint the paper for the pieces, and if they dry (please arrive on time), begin cutting and glueing.  If not, we will send you home with the patterns for the pieces and the background paper for you to finish.  I promise that you will cherish this lovely keepsake as I do.

$18/family   Please plan on staying with your kids to help.
Don't miss this, call the store to say you can come, (630) 765-7455!