Since when are encyclopedias FUN? Since the day I opened The Chicago Food Encyclopedia. Prairie Path Books fan Gerry Rounds brought it in for me to see and she should NOT have handed one to me before she started talking because I was immediately immersed in its pages. This book is an alphabetized but easy reading look at fun food facts.  “OVALTINE! I grew up in Elmhurst!” said I – flipping randomly to page 190.  “Ferrara Pan Candy!  I remember their lit sign on the Eisenhower when we drove to see my grandparents in Forest Park and Maywood!” 

This book is all about the neighborhoods, restaurants and their owners, food visionaries, farmers and producers you will recognize from your life in the Chicago area.  It is such fun – plus it has great recipes!  Published by the University of Illinois press, it is a pride-full pleasure to browse.  Please come meet the editors and taste iconic Chicago foods highlighted in the book.

Do you have handwritten recipes 50 years or older you can bring? 
The Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois would love to hear your family food stories and scan your recipes into their growing archive, as a way to study our Illinois cultural, political and social history. 

Call the store to RSVP and let us know if you'll bring recipes.

Free event, bring a friend!