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Networking is critical to our business and career success but so many people avoid it—to their peril. They think that networking is all about personal gain when in fact it’s a powerful give-and-take, a “dance” that allows us to help and contribute to each other.

Author Vickie Austin shares those dance steps in this book that will help you from the moment you create your intention, whether it’s a career transition or building your business, to the act of acknowledging those who have helped you along the way. From the formula for your “thirty-second commercial” to a template for launching your own marketing campaign, she walks you through the steps of networking with grace and dignity, focused on honoring the people you already know! 

A business and career coach and a prolific speaker, Vickie Austin is a recognized authority on the art and science of networking. For nearly two decades she’s been coaching people for business and career success, “helping the best get better.” She speaks throughout the country on the principles of taking your business or career to the next level, all through your Circles of Gold®.

“Vickie Austin’s book revolutionizes ‘networking,’ taking the dreary old-school notion of exploiting contacts and transforming it into the elevation of the human spirit.”

—Dale Dauten, nationally syndicated columnist, King Features, and author, The Gifted Boss and The Max Strategy

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