“I have an advanced copy of this cookbook - Ina Garten’s 10th - and I’m looking at it right now.

Of course it’s packed with pages and pages of the most luscious food photography ever, and swoon-worthy recipes she and Jeffrey and all their friends have loved the most, like fresh corn pancakes, and herb & apple bread pudding.  But I can’t stop re-reading her warmly-written essays about her life with Jeffrey:  from their first date when she was in high school and he in college (with a cute photo of them both, posing on the tennis court), all the way until now.  Wow for me was reading her story of how he supported her madly when cooking-crazy Ina came across a newspaper ad in 1978 for a specialty food shop for sale in the Hamptons (a place she’d never been), called the Barefoot Contessa.  Two days later, she and Jeffrey drove out to see it, and a few hours after that, she owned the business that would make her world-famous.  Can you stand it?  The thing Ina does best is make everything seem do-able + delightful.  This book is a must have for all Ina-fans!” 

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