My sister Patti has been a preschool and elementary teacher, and so I have gotten an up-close and personal on what goes in to making those first, formative classrooms magical.  If there was a reality show where Kindergarten teachers take a theme (like Apples and ABCs) and have 90 minutes and some supplies to decorate a classroom, Patti would be world champion.  

My memories of Kindergarten with Mrs. Bash (Washington Elementary in Elmhurst, 1971) are filled with joy and wonder and pictures of letters, and eventually — Dick and Jane!  You could sign copies of them out to take them home!  Oh boy!  I was an early reading addict.

Here at PPB, we honor teachers every day with 15% off on books they buy for their classroom. But more than that - wewant to celebrate you with a party, so please come to this event for snacks and sips, plus discounts just for you. Most of you know that my 18 and 16 year olds, Emma and Tom, help me run my kids sections, so we will make a casual presentation gushing (ok, Tom is unlikely to gush) about our favorite new books for your age groups.  Let me know if you have a certain unit or topic you’d like us to cover.

Teachers receive 15% off classroom books at this event!

Call today and say you can come, (630) 765-7455.

We love you teachers - come feel the love at PPB! — Sandy