Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to gather together with friends and exercise our curiosity muscles. Rested (a bit?) from our Saturdays, we feel open-minded, and cheered now that Spring is well on its way. Come join us, bring a friend, experience something new or revisit an old happy hobby.  See you here.  — Sandy

The recent craze for coloring has reminded me of the joys I had painting pottery
with my kids at Out On A Whim Paint Your Own Pottery in Glen Ellyn. 
I still have every piece we painted; each one brings back precious memories. 
Light bulb!  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Mother’s Day pottery painting get-together at PPB?  The wonderful Gretchen, artist and owner of Out on A Whim, found the cutest book-shaped plates for you to paint for your book-loving mumsers; she will bring the plates to us and the paint, we will set up in our Reading Room and have a wonderful time creating the most unique gift your mom’s ever received.  Gretchen will have them fired and ready for giving by the weekend before the Big Day, May 8th.  Paint with your mom if you like, send your husband and kids, or bring your kids and paint for grandma.  Whatever you’d like!  

$28     Call the store and register today! (630) 765-7455