Developing Art Literacy

Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to gather together with friends and exercise our curiosity muscles. Rested (a bit?) from our Saturdays, we feel open-minded, and cheered now that Spring is well on its way. Just for you, Prairie Path Books offers a Sunday series this March, with a Thursday night thrown in! Come join us, bring a friend, experience something new or revisit an old happy hobby.  See you here.  — Sandy  

“Art making is an ancient unspokenlanguage of vision that allows unique communication from artist to viewer.  Developing visual literacy is a processthat is important and joyful.”    — Linda Gilbert

How well do we understand the place of art in today’s world? While art education is disappearing from our schools, more than ever we are bombarded by artist-made images that can influence us both on conscious and unconscious levels on what to buy, how to vote and even how to feel.  Art making is an ancient, unspoken language of vision that allows a
unique communication from artist to viewer.  In fact, developing visual literacy, that is, a way to identify and interpret the visual messages being sent, is a process that is both important and joyful.

Free! Call the store and let us know you can come, (630) 765-7455.