Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to gather together with friends and exercise our curiosity muscles. Rested (a bit?) from our Saturdays, we feel open-minded, and cheered now that Spring is well on its way. Just for you, Prairie Path Books offers a Sunday series this March, with a Thursday night thrown in! Come join us, bring a friend, experience something new or revisit an old happy hobby.  See you here.  — Sandy  

Way before the coloring craze took hold, knitting (alone, in clubs of friends, on lunch breaks and during PTA meetings) has become crazy popular in the last twenty years.  If you’re new to it, or you need a refresher, come on over to PPB and meet Carole Hildebrand, master knitter, for Knitting 101.  She’ll bring you the needles and yarn to start a project, and all you need do is come curious.  Might be a good idea to bring your phone/video camera to capture her casting on and off, and some of the other basics — it’s amazing how we need reminding a day or so later.  

Cost: $20   Includes knitting needles, yarn, a pattern, and instruction.

Call to RSVP, (630) 765-7455