Simply Scratch by Laurie McNamara

Jenny and Sandy loved Simply Scratch so much, that even though we made 9 recipes, we haven’t stopped cooking from this book in our own homes.  What is it, Jen, that we love so much? You’ve heard of every ingredient in the book, and you probably have most of them on hand right now.  Every recipe we’ve made make people stop chewing and say “oh, wow, what’s this?”  My 16-year-old son, after his first bite, looked up over an 8-inch stack of BBQ chicken and spoke.  He said, “Awesome.”  He asks me to “make more of that BBQ thing I like, mom.”  A PPB guest asked me how I’d describe cooking from this book, and I said “Worth it. Cooking from scratch - making your own BBQ sauce, is WOW so worth it.” And why NOT, if you're cooking anyway, go for WOW!

For Laurie McNamara, growing up on a farm in the country had major perks: her mother cooked with vegetables from the family garden, they collected fresh eggs from the chicken coop, and absolutely everything—from ketchup to casseroles—was made 100 percent from scratch, with whole foods. When McNamara moved away from home, though, she found herself too busy to prepare from-scratch meals, between working full time and raising two kids. Like most Americans, she relied on boxed brownie mix, canned soup, bottled dressings, and frozen dinners to make home cooking quicker and cheaper. But she soon learned that these so-called shortcuts were in fact both more expensive and light-years less healthy than simply making everything herself.

Simply Scratch will be the must-have bible to cooking beyond the box and can. Featuring a down-to-earth approach and family recipes that use everyday ingredients, Simply Scratch proves cooking from scratch can be affordable, simple, fun, and—of course—absolutely delicious.

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