Coloring Books

Here to stay, this coloring trend.  Gosh we’ve noticed it here at PPB.  So many of you who received coloring books for Christmas are back for more, and it’s only February.  That’s how we know that coloring is not a trend:  it’s here to stay.  Don’t we all feel that we were ahead of the craze?  We girls have always known that a Crayola 64-pack and a page to color is a gateway for meandering thoughts, or when we are with friends, backdrop for a juicy blab.  

C’mon over won’t you- and share in our PPB Reading Room, the joy of coloring.  Next to each other.  I’ll be here, although I warn you I have a short attention span - so think twice about sitting next to me if you want to complete a coloring page.  See you here.

Free! Snacks and Beverages provided.

Call the store and let us know you can come, (630) 765-7455.