“The authors make this unassuming, most studious woman come pulsing to life. . . Notorious RBG may be a playful project, but it asks to be read seriously. . . . That I responded so personally to it is a testimony to [its] storytelling and panache.”  —Jennifer Senior, New York Times


This book (I am a lawyer, I realize but still) has awakened me, and I want to awaken all to the fact, that tiny, tidy and soft-spoken women can be architects of change. 

Notorious RBG is a title in the new genre of “let’s just really talk and understand this topic” biography — that is gaining ground. This book, unabashedly written by a young female lawyer smitten with RBG, that just plain gushes about RBG — a woman whose mother instilled in her a fierce work ethic, and set aside for her a “nest egg” of college money even when there weren’t really any extra eggs for sending anyone, let alone a girl, to school.  Ruth kicked booty in her academics, but fell in love and married and had a child and tried to do all that while at Harvard and Columbia Law School —  but then felt a pull from her conscience and her friends in academia to lend her brain and talents to the cause for women. Wait ‘til you read the chapters about her husband, and how he supported her energy and its direction.  This book also has chapters on: her schooling when women didn't really go to Harvard Law; her status as THE person who crafted Constitutional support of women’s rights (with plenty of modern graphics and ways to understand the content); parenting her children; plus, her “style” and her trainer-led workouts at 80+. 

— Sandy Koropp

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