Sandy and Jen and Mary will show you EXACTLY how to feel joy and confidence for your funnest ever next gathering.

Come hear Sandy gush about and demo recipes from her favorite new cookbook, The Cocktail Party, and be amazed by the simple, “you can do it” stylings for wow-tabletops that Mary and Jen will bring to life right in front of you.  

Maybe it’s just me, but when I see the words “Cocktail Party” I think of the Great Gatsby or something - everyone and everything posh, plus expert bartenders and glam food stuffs.  That is just so not me.  So why I picked up The Cocktail Party I’ll never know (such an intimidating title) but I’m telling you, it is all about WOW - but in an everyday way. 

Come to this event to:   

  1. have a blast; and 
  2. learn to make your ordinary ingredients and household items into an oooh and ahhh table ofextraordinary.  You know?  It’s a “I totally know what to do even if my host isn’t here to explain the food and drinks” thing.  It’s about hosting in the 2016 easy-going, plan-ahead so you can have fun at your own party, kind of way - but emphasizing a quick “back to normal” for you and your house.  Really original.

*Jen is Jennifer White, owner of Nona Jo’s in Naperville, and Mary is Mary Mazzeffi, master designer with Toms-Price and Nona Jo’s.

Free!  snacks & beverages provided.

Click here and let us know you can come.