We’ve sold lots of Keepers just based on the cover — and it is mouth-watering, no?  Even better, the authors’ fresh take on weeknight Chicken Pot Pie is, I confess, better than mine. 

The thing that separates this book from others I’ve read is that it’s so well-written.  It’s personable but really smart too.  They explain exactly how to poach a fillet (actually they warm the poaching broths and then roast the fish — delish!!).  The recipe says if overlapping in the pan is ok (it is), if the fillets need to be the same size (they do, but tuck any thinner ends under so they don’t overcook), and how high the poaching broths should be (“almost cover the fillets”). It’s hard to go wrong…

We will mix and mingle cook together, then taste our great results. 

$15/person (space limited to 15)

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