“What I adore about this book is that it encourages and inspires us to say to ourselves and our families, 'oh boy, tonight it’s chilly and we will make a fire in the fireplace - so let’s make stew, like we always do...'  Simple pleasure - how to celebrate the little things!”  —Sandy

“Families crave rituals,” says Jenny Rosenstrach, and by rituals she means not just the big celebrations—Valentine’s Day dinners, Mother’s Day brunches, Halloween send-offs, Thanksgiving feasts, holiday cocktail parties—but the little ones we may not even realize are rituals: a platter of deluxe nachos on Super Bowl Sunday, or a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes after every braces-tightening session. Whether simple or elaborate, daily or annual, these rituals all serve the same purpose for Rosenstrach: to bring comfort, connection, and meaning to every day. 

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