Ahoy, mateys!  Based on the book Who Was Christopher Columbus?, a contemporary treatment of the man and his story, your kids will celebrate Columbus Day in a fun new way.  In a hands-on and active event, your kids will:  

•    Race from the AFT to the BOW and from PORT to STARBOARD on our PPB ship, and learn other basic sailing terms

•    Use a spy glass and declare “Land Ho!”

•    Make a compass and learn to navigate

•    Follow clues on a Treasure Map to find our own PPB mystery items (books of course!!)

•    Make apple boat snacks to fuel our journeys!  

At PPB, we love creating celebrations for school holidays that respect the reason America celebrates the holiday.  For Columbus Day, we celebrate the spirit of adventure and discovery and the creativity (and even science) it takes to get where you want to go. 

Call the store today to reserve your seat, (630) 765-7455!

$10/childSpace limited to 20