Find A Way by Diana Nyad

In her latest book review, Jenny Riddle dramatizes Find a Way by Diana Nyad, the inspiring true story of perseverance, resilience, and living out your dreams—no matter your age.  It’s the perfect book to get you in the mood for the summer Olympics.  Your new mantra will, indeed, be “FIND A WAY.”

In 2013, at the age of sixty-four, Diana Nyad swam 111 miles from Cuba to Florida, in an epic feat of both endurance and human will, in fifty-three hours.  Millions cheered her on as she was the first to make this historic crossing without the aid of a shark cage.  In getting ready for such a swim, Diana faced grueling physical preparation, including regular 12 hour swims, as well as four crushing failures before she achieved this thirty-five year goal that had eluded her during her peak champion swimming days.  Her mantra--find a way--offers hope and inspiration to everyone: incredible things are possible at any age. 

Diana Nyad’s story of overcoming obstacles and her incredible swim from Cuba to Florida (the swimmer’s equivalent of Mount Everest) at the age of 64 will make YOU feel ready to, well, FIND A WAY.  I hope you will too. 


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Jenny Riddle

Jenny Riddle