Since before I had a store, I demonstrated the best recipes from my favorite cookbooks in my home, sometimes for 40+ people. Boy was my family glad I opened a real brick and mortar–and one with a kitchen! I’ve never stopped offering monthly demos, and my better half, the talented home chef Cathy–is my partner. You can expect to try 6-8 recipes from each book (don’t eat before you come!) and hear all about our successes and learning curves (my curve is always steeper than Cathy’s).  We love everything–global cuisines with fun new ingredients, American comfort foods, desserts, and menus for manageable entertaining. A while back Dr. Jamie offered to host nearly-monthly demonstrations of simple nutritious food (meaning yummy and easy preparations for fresh veggies and fruits plus the right meats and fats). For each demonstration, your cost includes a $15 store credit that you can use the day of the demo or anytime after. Promise–you’ll love the jovial community vibe and you’ll learn stuff too.