We have FOUR every month, facilitated by our staff: First Sunday afternoons there is “Good Yarn,” led by Stephanie and featuring fiction and non fiction reads. First Wednesday evenings Carrie leads the way on books skinny in page number but fat on content, and First Thursday evenings Steph and Ann offer up discussions of the best in non fiction. Second Wednesday mornings, Jenny and Sandy will start your day thoughtfully with our Manageable (in length) Morning Memoir series. No need to commit to the whole year, but please do call and let us know you can attend. We ask that you purchase your books from our bookstore if you can, when you RSVP ask us to set aside a copy for ya.

Skinny Books, Fat Content Book Club

Manageable Memoirs Morning Book Club

A Good Yarn Book Club

Nonfiction Book Club

GardenWorks Project Book Club