Hello friends! I have so much to say that I'll send two messages over the next few days—SORRY, but there's this topic and then there's a buncha new news I want to share beyond answering the "Are You Moving Next Door?" thing. 

We’ve settled into Town Square Mall since moving here Valentine's Day and we are getting the hang of the new space. Many of you have noticed that the large and lonely space next door (#261) is of late looking rather lit and lively.  And that it has Prairie Path Books stuff up and out.  Yep, it’s true that every day we now unlock and light up two spaces because Town Square Mall is allowing us to use that space for our many events. We call it "PPB 261" and the question we get most is —"Are You Moving Next Door?!"

Not yet. But as you know, bringing community together on the regular is a PPB cornerstone, and 261 is so lovely now that it’s lit, lively, and plump with our PPB stylings. We’ve noticed that the PPB community is made up of people who are just plain interested in the world around them — and therefore really interesting to be around.  Not everyone talks as much as, say . . . Jenny or me, but we’ve found that everyone at our events is just, worth knowing.  Our folks are interesting and interested.  

So I invent, plan and manage gatherings to fill PPB 261 with folks as much as I can but I could use some help. What do you think about helping to make happen even more gatherings next door?  If I’m being honest, I can’t imagine working more than I do (even though yes, I love what I’m doing) and you all are so clever and capable!! Do you have a group that would love to meet in our lovely spaceHere's a peek, we have PPB 261 set up for large or small gatherings.  Before you get to noodling, my staff has spent time thinking over our core gathering principles — so contact us if the following seems up your planning alley.  As long as we cover our overhead, we have no current plans to charge for the space.

We are interested in hosting gatherings that are:





·Mindful of the Planet**

So take a look at PPB 261.  It’s open whenever we are for you to wander in and gather.  We are way proud of it. Let's build a thriving community gathering space for more face-to-face. You know? 

Contact us at read@prairiepathbooks.com with a description of your gathering idea.  Interested in helping me and PPB bring more events to life?


*no private parties, please

**if there is serve ware, PPB has plenty; i.e. re-usable preferred

***community-minded, perseverant creative help wanted