Town Square Mall will be buying your coffee this Independent Bookstore weekend. 

What?? I know! I've noticed after just a few weeks that you all care a whole lot about Town Square Mall. You notice as it grows and changes, maybe especially when spaces close up such as Starbucks will do on Friday. Many of you have shared your curiosity re what Mall management is like and what future plans are. As many of you know Mall ownership changed recently and they brought in Dan Pollard as their leasing agent. Some of you met him at our February 13th grand opening party - and here's the scoop: they have been bend-over-backwards accommodating to get PPB into 255 and letting us host our events next door at 261. I guarantee they have a vision to build it and grow it and I am a part of that plan: Lucky Me and PPB. 

And here's an update - so far so great: We have DOUBLED our sales over the same months' last year and we are looking at doubling up staff for many shifts to try and keep up. I had to cover for a sick staffer last Friday and I almost lost my mind being all alone and trying to get books received, phone calls answered, presents wrapped and the cash register manned. Not to mention chatting and recommending books of course. Sorry if you were one of the poor folks I hurried to help ... do you think my staff left me on purpose to make a point??  

ANYWAY - long story short (too late, I know) - Town Square Mall ownership wants to prove their commitment to you all and the Mall and to show it they will provide delicious coffee from Wheaton's own I Have A Bean this weekend. They are actively seeking a new coffee/cafe tenant of course, but me and the Mall want you to know we feel lucky to be a part of such a supportive community. Here's the scoop:

  • The Mall will pay for I Have a Bean coffee to be available at PPB 261 beginning 8:00 a.m. on Independent Bookstore Saturday and Sunday (April 27 and 28th), going 'til 2:00 p.m. (a regular brew, with cream and sugar on the side);

  • PPB fans know that PPB is committed to "Less Landfill/No Single-Use Plastic," so please bring a mug or ... use one of ours - we bought a dishwasher so we could use real dishware and avoid disposables.

In case you were wondering how Mall ownership feels about you, here's them saying: Free Coffee Means WE ARE COMMITTED.