There’s No Place Like Home—So Why Go Out?—5 Reasons!

Hello October friends — Anyone live near oak trees? If so you've noticed that acorns are raining down hard this year—literally they jar our sensibilities whilst whanging our roofs, windows and doors. Naturally what follows is squirrels frisking up and down and all around to collect the winter snack abbondanza. It's pretty fun to observe. I should know. Why, you ask? Because my kids came home last weekend to eat home-cooked food, sleep in and commingle their three schools' back-to-class bacteria, leaving me sneezing and throat-sore and with plenty of time huddled at home to observe frolicksome nut-chasers. All week. Yes, I was stranded on the back-room couch, coughing - watching what I like to call "Squirrel TV."  

Silver lining: the miserable week has me appreciating anew how great getting OUT is! So I was nodding my head when I recently read the "Compelling Benefits" of gathering with others for a show or event. For sure getting yourself out there: 

  • reduces stress and boosts your sense of well-being;

  • gives you a feeling of togetherness and involvement;

  • offers a chance to escape your routine;

  • allows you to be wowed by how good people are at cool things;

  • gives you something to look forward to on Wednesday and talk about on Monday!

I'm in for GOING OUT - what say you? It so happens PPB in the next 10 days is offering at least FIVE chances to get yourself some of those "Compelling Benefits": 

  1. October 12, 4:00 p.m.- Jenny's HubbyBill is a great musician and in his recent retirement from teaching he's lent his percussion talents to a POLKA BAND, among other musical ensembles. And they are coming to play at PPB 261! OOOMpah, am I right? I mean come on, you have to (escape routine and) come hear and celebrate Oktoberfest with us next Saturday afternoon.

  2. October 13, 4:30 p.m. - Have I mentioned I moved my family piano over to PPB 261? Oh, I have? Ahem, well, yay so Jenny's network of musicians brings to Wheaton a real gift: a piano quartet of professional musicians giving us the gift of Mozart next Sunday afternoon - come admire and be inspired in our close by setting, especially if the last live instrumentals you've heard were your kids/grands school concerts. This falls into being wowed by how good people are at cool things.

  3. October 15, 1:00 p.m. - Martha Stewart has a new COOKBOOK and it's all about cookies. Can you stand it? I've enlisted 8 bakers to make -- well, 8, of the recipes for you to come sample. It just doesn't get any funner than this, especially on a Tuesday afternoon. Look forward to this -- let's gather and munch yummies.

  4. October 17, 7:00 p.m. - our Hungarian friend Robert Weisz was so fascinating the first time he came to tell us his life story that we decided to have him back, this time to tell the tale of leaving Communist Budapest and coming to America at the age of eight. Come see us a week from Thursday.

  5. October 20, 3:30 p.m. - You just can't do better on a Sunday afternoon than gathering her to watch Jenny perform with live piano accompaniment her Julie Andrews show, in character and based on Andrews' first memoir, "Home" about her childhood and entre into show business. We will also be celebrating the release of Andrews' 2d memoir about her "Hollywood Years," great gift for you or Julie fans.

Hope to see you - because the benefits of a face to face gathering space is what PPB 261 is all about!