"Mom, I'm Taking This." That's what my boy Tom said when he got home for Thanksgiving break, crashed onto his favorite fireside couch-spot and pulled on the new extra soft and thick blanket I'd bought (from myself). Then Bad Dog curled herself at his feet and they slept for like 6 hours. The next child that came home, Hannah, claimed the second one (I'd bought two from myself so there'd be one in both my favorite reading spots). Emma arrived last for the holiday and got a whole lotta nothing, but as she frequently points out, it figures since she is the middle child. Watching Bears/Lions on the big day, all the 20-something cousins were agog at the oh-so-soft super-dreamy and luxurious microfiber blankets and fought over them until the turkey was ready. 

Come Sunday, as my beloved pirates sailed away with my treasures, I felt, well - bereft of blankets but also warm and fuzzy thinking of them all warm in their new fuzzies. And, I love that I've found the perfect NON-TECH gift for this hard-to-buy-for group on my Christmas list. Of course, I'll add a BOOK carefully selected to earn an earnest "thank you, Aunt Sandy!" But I'm really excited to see my nephews' faces when they open the blankets. Isn't giving the BEST when you know it's going to be a big hit?! It's a bigger purchase, but about the same as any tech item and it's funner to give.

We at Prairie Path Books love everything we sell from Barefoot Dreams, all their blankets and sweaters, scarves and hats and maybe especially their CozyChic socks that are perfect for winter reading. But the two blankets that made such an impression are called CozyChic LUXE - it's their extra level of thick deep rich snuggly softness, and it's MACHINE WASH/DRYABLE. Luxe sounds just right for the season, doesn't it? 

I am buying the first two - but after that you can have some, too, and please enjoy 20% off when you mention this blog. Just for you (and me) I've ordered some of these CozyChic Luxe wraps in vintage rose - because gosh, we deserve a gift too, don't we ladies? It's a sure thing Tom won't take THIS one back to his dorm, but I'll be keeping my eye on Emma.... 

Ho ho ho...

(20% off this 188$ blanket if you mention this blog. I’m telling you- it’s sublime 🎯😊)