Thank heavens, if you ask me. How are you guys? I hope the summer hounds among you are at least open to the very appealing nature of autumn - I know the end of August is hard for you. But some of us yearn for our book + sofa + blanket routine. Working in the store I get every sort of opinion on the weather and it's a favorite topic of mine. For warm-weather lovers fall means making the most of lingering outdoor reading opportunities, at least 'til the time change darkens our midwestern world on November 4th. Today's cooler temperatures made me excited for the first real leaf-crunching 60 degree day and my first sweater of the season. It was a day like this Thursday when my family loaded into our car and dropped my youngest to college* so it's been a bittersweet week.

No matter what you wear over to Prairie Path Books, it's GO TIME again for our gatherings! We've taken the last 6-weeks to immerse ourselves in great reads we can't wait to tell you about (call today to sign up for the Champagne & Maple Leaves Book Rec Party on September 22), plus planning 9 smart and inspiring gatherings for your September days and evenings (click here to take a look). Many PPB events are free but for some we have fixed costs that need covering as you might imagine. Like for Movie Club -- those of you who've been know that our facilitator Lee Shoquist and his enthusiastic expertise are worth the fee (this autumn our focus will be Stephen King movies). For you cooking demonstration veterans you will note that there is now a $15 store credit required when you RSVP. We know that you love our home-cooking + how we share our love of food with candor and laughs but we also know that not everyone is in the market for the cookbooks Cathy and I show you. So sign up for our cooking demonstrations and for sure we'd love you to buy the cookbook we are crazy for, but you can also use your credit that day or another for any of our luscious books, gifts, toys and cards. See you soon!

*On the personal side - since many of you have been with me nearly 5 years -- yes I'm now a mama bird with an empty nest. It took we Koropps one trip to bring into Tom's dorm his rather monochromatic wardrobe and bedding and very small shoe collection. So that was refreshing after our first two daughters and their much more voluminous dorm download that included puffy mattress toppers, decorative pillows, wall art and extra storage drawers. We had to convince Tom to bring a pen - that's how low maintenance he is. But since Thursday I've been you know, coping with things like adjusting my weekly grocery shop way way down from 12 pounds of pasta, 4 gallons of milk + 6 cereal boxes, family-sized Cheez-Its (go ahead, judge me) and double pints of fragile fruit (which he ate in one toss back - it irritated me at the time but I miss it now). Like many before me I'm now dealing with text replies of "Mom, what?" after I send a frustrated-face emoji because he hasn't answered how the first day of class went. I mean geez - now that I can't trap him and mine information during the 90 seconds it took him to fill a mixing bowl with cereal and milk, I need some cooperation, right? 

Oh well, I'm so glad I have all of you to help me stay busy over the empty inbox/silent house/no sports games to be late for or terrifying sweat-damp laundry/sad-fridge shelves hump. I'm the worst momento mom ever, but I've found photos of his first-ish days of Kindergarten (look it's framed!) and college below so you can wonder/gape with me at how time flies. Gosh - sign up for some events so I can see you all soon!