Whoosh we did it. Thursday night we welcomed dozens and dozens of Prairie Path Books friends in to our new 102 N Hale Street space. What a lovely night and we even had a vast double-rainbow just to the south to mark our event. If you haven't been, The Annex is smaller than our core store but spiffy and bright and in the heart of downtown Wheaton. Books, for sure - yes (only our most favorites because of space), but also lifestyle and gift items that will inspire.

Yesterday morning I opened The Annex for real and with delight, greeted all sorts of curious folks. Some knew that Prairie Path Books opened 4 years ago 6 blocks away, but some didn't. Have you ever been given the humbling gift of awareness that the thing you have been entirely focused on has not been observed by the wider universe?? It is a great gift indeed, and I felt myself shift quickly to the start-up gear I'd employed four years ago on Wesley Street when I first introduced Wheaton to my beloved books and other beauties. It's a tonic, really to meet new friends.

And what do you think our new neighborhood welcomed us with? We have moved in during downtown Wheaton's annual Sidewalk Sale!! Who knew? It begins Thursday, so I gave my staff oh - ONE DAY of rest after we opened and put them to work clearing out our off-season warehouse of PPB merchandise and bringing it over to Hale Street for markdowns. There was great stuff back there, you guys! 

So just for you, old friends - we will close The Annex at 5pm on Wednesday and stay open 'til 8 just for Kinfolk members so you can get first dibs. Look at these Naughty/Nice cuties we found, for example, and there are more fall and winter lovely cozies, plus we will clear out some current summer things to make way for all the autumn pretties we have coming in. Can't make it Wednesday? Email me and if you're Kinfolk I'll open the store early (before 9am) for you during the sale for a private tour - coffee is on me. 


Speaking of treasuring old friends - Kinfolk, if you're in the market for a holiday treat - Santa just committed to a third date to come to Prairie Path Books* — December 14th 5-8pm. Pssst - first dibs! Call today (630)-765-7455. 

Not a Kinfolk member yet? You wanna be, with our day to day membership benefits and special extras like these. Now's a great time to join. See you soon, friends old and new!

*Santa event ticket not eligible for Kinfolk free event pass

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