Hello friends! 

Hope you're having a great July so far. Some of you have poked your head in to our Annex, our second store taking shape at 102 N. Hale Street, and it's been fun showing you around. Others have told me you've cupped your hands around your eyes and peered in to see our progress. Here's how I would describe building out a new store: it reminds me of the Christmas tree prcoess: 

  • First you pick a tree (spot for a store), inspecting and circling the choices and weighing all its qualities;

  • then you haul out your decorations and buy new ones too (pretty + useful things to stage the store and wonderful things to put on sale); 

  • next you get the tree up, making sure it's angled just right (install the bookshelves and move in the furniture, grunt and heave);

  • putting on lights (putting the first "layer" of seasonal sparkle down all over the store, ready for the nestling in of books and such);

  • getting the ornaments up, maybe breaking a few along the way (alphabetizing and shelving all the books, arranging all the pretty gift items with an occasional "oops!");

  • taking a few more passes at your decorations, standing back and appreciating your tree with each pass (it's the same at the bookstore!); and

  • anticipating merry oohs and aahs, you turn off your house lights and turn on the tree (we can't wait to light up for Thursday night's party!)

I would say as of this Monday afternoon writing that we are at the "taking a few more passes" stage, so we are passed the heave-ho part and onto the funner smarter part -- selecting books to feature, arranging displays and making lovely final touches.  Hope you come see us Thursday at our Fireflies & Sparklelight opening party - we can't wait to celebrate with all of you and are hoping for merry oohs and aahs. Call the store (Wesley Street!) and say you can come (630) 765-7455!